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Babysitting Basics

Before you begin: Am I ready to babysit?

Babysitting is more than just earning some extra money on the side. Most babysitters loose sight as to what a babysitter really is. It is more than just “watching kids” or “playing” with them, but as a babysitter you are really a caregiver. Being a caregiver means that the second the parents step out of the house, their children are immediately your responsibility and the parents are putting their child’s safety and health in your arms. Before you think about taking care of other peoples children, ask yourself if you are capable of taking care of yourself first.

If you said no, do not be sad! There are other options in the childcare field that are available for you. You can learn how to care for yourself and for other kids by being a Mommy’s Helper!

To learn more about being a Mommy’s Helper, click on the post, “Mommy’s Helper” in the related resources section below.

If you said yes, Congratulations, you are ready, please read on!

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    I really like that article

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